​​​Hot Peaches & Honey BBQ Sauce

​A blend of peppers gives a nice, mild, complete stimulation to the various heat zones in the palate to make this sauce a must on your table. With peaches and natural clover honey to sweeten this sauce, it is another award winner from the KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Site competitions that we compete in. 

​​Pairs well with: grilled chicken breasts, hot wings, adds zest to cocktail sauce, and of course any domestic beer. 

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Our Award Winning Sauces!
EVERY one of our sauces has WON an award!!

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​The "Infamous" 3 Pack + Limited BBQ Sauce Brush
$35.00 (+ free shipping anywhere in the US)

This AMAZING package include all 3 of our AMAZING sauces; Keith's Memphis Style BBQ Sauce, Hot Peaches & Honey BBQ Sauce and finally Ghost Pepper, Apricot & Honey BBQ sauce!! Mmmmmm, that's enough to make your mouth water, be the hero at any BBQ cookout or even make any dinner go from "blah" to "WOW"! We'll even include our limited BBQ Sauce brush (and yes it even has our logo on it!) This 3 pack is tax free and ships ANYWHERE in the US!

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*Sells pre bottled sauce and also uses sauce in its recipes 

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Ghost Pepper, Apricot and Honey BBQ Sauce - $8.00each

​​Following our passion for great BBQ sauce, we have combined ghost peppers, apricots and honey with all  natural sugars, gluten free ingredients and the freshest spices available. This award winning, 3rd Place in 2014 and 2nd place in 2015 sauce from Leadville, CO brings both sweet and heat to your table. 

Pairs well with: hot wings, ribs and baked chicken, although we might suggest a tall glass of milk to beat the heat!

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​​Keith's Memphis Style BBQ Sauce

The award winning, 1st place Frisco & Fairplay State Championship 2014 sauce. This sauce started it all, it began in the small mountain community of Leadville, nestled high in the Colorado Rockies. This has a hearty and full flavor with a hint of spice and heat sprinkled throughout. It is a good base for any slab of meat grilled, baked or dipped. 

​Pairs well with: grilled chicken breasts, hot wings, ribs, steak, hamburgers and as always any domestic beer or wine 

(due to shipping costs this product is ONLY available for physical pick up)

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